What Our Customers Say

What our customers say…

We follow a strict code of practice and always place the needs of our customers first! Tara’s Choice is proud to be a memeber of the Federation of small businesses. Our aim is to supply only top quality products at the keenest prices possible. We think it’s important to despatch customer orders as swiftly as possible, as once the purchase has been made there is nothing worse than waiting for weeks to take delivery.

We do not charge Post and Packing to our UK customers and all orders received before 3pm weekdays are sent using first class post and are normally received within one or two days.

Your satisfaction is very important to us, with this in mind we always try to get orders despatched as quickly as possible with next day delivery (in the UK) being typical. Occasionally there may be a slight delay whilst waiting for stock to arrive. This is fairly rare and in most cases customers would be unlikely to have to wait more than 7 days. In the event of an item being out of stock customers will be advised so they can make the choice to wait or cancel. (Our customers are not left in the dark, or fobbed off with lame excuses!)

If you wish to make any comments about our products or service, please e-mailus at: comments@taraschoice.co.uk we always value your opinions and comments.

The following is a selection of unedited customer comments*

*Customer Names & Addresses are not published here to maintain customer privacy.

Mr Sallwood from the UK regarding delivery wrote…

I would just like to say how surprised i am….i ordered on the 18th and received the goods on the 19th,now thats what i call fast.

Thanx : )

Mr Sallwood (UK)

Chris from the UK regarding delivery wrote…

Excellent – thank you! Since people usually only comment when they are
complaining, Anne and I would like to say how helpful and prompt your
customer service has been. We shall certainly be using you again!

Kind Regards,


Tracey from the UK regarding delivery wrote…

Just a wee note to say thank you for your very efficient service. Just ordered a low back converter yesterday and got it today!!…Excellent service.

Thanks again.

Tracey, UK

KS from Hampshire regarding the Breast Enlarging Pumps wrote…

I bought breast pumps from you a while ago. I have never been able to
use it twice a day but I generally manage half an hour each side in the
evening. I have noticed a definite difference. The shape has filled out
nicely. I haven’t had a huge increase in size but the difference is
very noticeable and I did grow out of the A size quite quickly.

I am very happy with the results and the cost of the product. I was
sceptical but for that price, if it doesn’t work, you don’t lose much.
I would recommend it to anyone that wants a confidence boost for very
little outlay and is prepared to put the time in.

Hampshire, UK

Cheryl from the USA regarding the ‘Niplette’ wrote…

Hi Tara,

Just letting you know I received my order today. These are truly incredible, I am amazed at what happened when I applied them. This is answer to my prayers. Thank you & God bless you. Cheryl

Mindy from the USA regarding the Breast enlarging pumps says…

Dear Tara,

Just wanted to let you know I received my product today and I absolutly love it. Thank you for being such a quick responder. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I’ll definatley be back to order other items. p.s. Lets pray this is the product for me.

Sincerely Your Future Customer For Sure, Mindy

Lynn from Norfolk regarding ‘Secrets’ Breast Enhancers, wrote…

On Wednesday of this week I ordered from you the Breast Enhancers Secrets. I took delivery of those the very next morning and am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for your good service and very quick delivery I will certainly recommend you to my friends and use your site in the future.

Thanks again.


General comment…

… I must tell you what an excellent and useful site you have made. Thank you for all the honest information, useful tips, and amazing gadgets!

Best wishes, Denise

General comment…

Hi, Tara

Thank you very much for your speedy response. I’ve
placed an order for some cookies. Look forward to
receiving them and ordering more products in future!

Kind regards,

Wendy from London wrote…


Many thanks for the goodies. They did arrive safely as usual. All the best and thanks again.


Jen from Canada regarding the ‘Niplette’, wrote…


I received my order yesterday: Thank you!

I was just wondering if it is alright to wear the niplettes for longer than the 8 hours suggested? Also, I noticed a slight bruising on one nipple when I woke up this morning. It is not particularly uncomfortable. Is this normal, or should I reduce suction?

Thank you for you assistance (and your fast shipping!)


Tara says…

You may need to start gently with the Niplette and build up to the recommended wearing time as you get used to them.

Sarah of Essex regarding ‘Little Secrets’, Breast Enhancers, wrote…





Mrs Ward from Middlesex regarding ‘Cookies’ Breast Enhancers, wrote…

Dear Tara,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my order. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and find them very comfortable which surprised me.

If only every business was as efficient as yours.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Ward

Jane from the Midlands wrote…

Dear Tara,

Many thanks for your very helpful response, I will certainly be visiting your site again!!



Julia from the UK regarding the ‘Niplette’ , wrote…

This wonderfully simple yet effective device is superb! Although I had been vaguely aware of the product for years I was under the impression that it was used solely to draw out inverted nipples – for some reason it never occurred to me that it would be just as effective for enlarging flat ones, and I can’t understand why the manufacturers don’t make this clear on the packaging (especially when long nipples seem to be in fashion at the moment!)

As you rightly point out, there is no need to continue using Niplette until the nipples completely fill the suction cups – after two months near-continuous use my “goose-bump” nipples are now just under half an inch long, and don’t look disproportionately big on my 36C bust. Any woman who has suffered agonies of embarrassment in communal showers and changing rooms will understand how my self-confidence has been boosted – in fact I recently posed for some topless photos at the age of 43 and my nipples look great in profile! This is a marvellous little product and I really can’t praise it highly enough…


Amanda from Perth regarding the ‘Six Strap Suspender Belt’, wrote …

I just had to write and tell you how impressed with the suspender belt I am! The fit is absolutely fabulous and as for the look well, it has to be the best product of this sort available anywhere!!

I have always been a fan of stockings, they are just so right for me, and always practical but as for suspenders the problem is normally they are designed for the bedroom, and so are more likely a cheap imported item. Even so called good quality ones that cost buss loads of money do not have proper stocking fixings or decent adjusters and although they might look great they are probably flimsy and still wont last too long. With these I have the best of it all – quality, style, and value. Excellent excellent excellent!!!

Keep plenty of stock I’ll be back!

P.S. I thought you might like to see how they look so I have included a picture for you. I do not want it put all over the internet though so if you can keep it on Tara’s Choice only please.




I just received my product “Quick bust” and only a few days after I ordered it! Thank you for the quick service and the friendly telephone advice.



Just recieved my order today. Thanks for the speedy service!


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