Trikini Secrets

Trikini Secrets Bikini & Swimsuit silicone enhancers

Silicone Breast Enhancers for swimwear.

Enjoy swimming and want the secret to a fabulous Cleavage with your Bikini?

Trikini secrets are ideal for triangle bras both lingerie style and bikini beach ware Trikini Secrets are triangular shaped silicone bikini enhancers with subtle side enhancement designed especially to be worn with triangular bikini tops and bras giving you a curvacious boost.

Soft silicone Trikini silicone breast enhancers fit snugly over the breast to give a natural curvy appearance, extra lift and a beautiful cleavage.

Available in one size to suite ‘AA’ to ‘B’ cups.

Capacity of around 75cc provides around ½ to 1 cup of boost depending on start size, type of bikini, or bra and the effect required.

Now you can look super stunning in your two piece Bikini costume

Trikini Secrets

Silicone breast enhancers

Colour: Clear silicone.

Trikini Silicone Gel Bra Enhancers are now available from our dedicated new website:

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Trikini silicone breast enhancers

Trikini Secrets silicone breast enhancers can be worn in the swimming pool and sea water. After use just wash with soap and warm water.

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At last, silicone gel breast enhancers designed especially for beachwear bra’s and bikini tops. They can be worn with little triangle style bikini tops to great effect, and they aren’t too bulky so you can play and be involved in activities without risk. Trikini Secrets are designed to enhance the natural bust with their anatomically designed shape, fitting snugly and giving a wonderful boost that looks and feels very natural! Clever chaps at R&D!

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