Symbols (Silicone Nipple Enhancers)

Symbols Nipple Enhancers

Symbols Silicone Nipple Enhancers.

Designed to mimic the natural silhouette of partially erect female nipples.

Symbols silicone nipple enhancers, a brand new product available in a flesh tone light colour are great fun.

Add a little extra, to your natural shape, with undercover symbols!

Designed to add distinction and shape, worn over your natural breast.

Easy to apply – no adhesive necessary, only a little moisture to secure each one in place.

Symbols measure 1-½ inches across (38mm) with a finely feathered edge representing the areola. The actual nipple measures approximately 3/8inch (10mm) across.

Symbols nipple enhancers look so natural!

Symbols can also be worn with Prosthetic breasts

Symbols ‘Light’ nipple enhancers

Now available from our dedicated new website:

Click here to purchase ‘Symbols’

Very realistic and great fun. Symbols can be worn in a figure-hugging top or placed inside your bra to give instant effect. Symbols really do look like erect or semi-erect nipples, and being made of medical grade silicone are very soft and lifelike.

Spend a few seconds making sure you have them correctly placed and away you go.

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