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Products / Departments

Breast & Nipple Care

St Herb Cream

Quick Bust

Beautiful Curves

Silicone Breast Enhancers – Undercover secrets…

Trikini silicone breast enhancers for beachwear

Demi Secrets silicone breast enhancers for half cup bras

Nu Bra strapless adhesive cleavage booster

Cookies silicone bra pads – diamonds and segments

Little Secrets silicone breast enhancers

Secrets silicone breast enhancers in small medium and large

Secret Shapers, silicone breast enhancers for the larger bust

Cover Ups re Usable silicone adhesive nipple covers

Satin Secrets silicone breast enhancers

Symbols, realistic silicone nipples

Adhesive Cleavage and bust boosting bras

Avent Niplette

Mustang Nipple Enlarging Kits

Avent Soothing nipple cream

Nipple Covers

Perfect Woman

Breast Self Examination

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Massage

What’s Going on up top?

Breast Feeding

Medela Breast Pumps

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Mini-Electric Breast Pump (single)

Medela Mini-Electric Plus Breast Pump (twin)

Medela Swing breastpump

Medela Pump In Style Traveler breastpump

Medela feeders

Haberman feeders

Haberman feeder Kits

SoftCup advanced cup feeder

Supplemental Nursing System SNS

Medela Introduction

Hire a hospital grade breast pump

Medela Accessories

Mini-Electric carry bag

Breastmilk bottles

Breastmilk freezer bags

Disposable bra pads

Washable bra pads

PureLan Nipple cream

Contact nipple shields


Nipple formers

Milk collection shells

Comfort Breastshield

Medela PersonalFit Breastshield

Hand expression funnel

Microwave sterilizing bags

Medela Spares

Medela Regular Breastshield

Medela Breastshield / breastpump replacement valve

Medela Haberman feeder teats

Medela Haberman Feeder Valve plate

Medela Haberman Feeder Lid

Medela Mini Electric mains adaptor

Medela Pump In Style mains Adaptor

Medela Pump In Style replacement tubing

Medela SNS – Supplemental Nursing System replacement tubing

Other products

Avent Niplette

Tara’s Articles

Breast Self Examination

Breast massage

What’s going on up top?

Pelvic Exercise & health care

Pelvic care products

Lingerie Department

Suspender Belts

Classic Six Strap Suspender Belts

Real silk / Nylon stockings

British made silk stockings

Real RHT stockings

Lingerie Accessories

Intro page see all lingerie accessories

Nu Bra adhesive bust boosting bra

Add a size foam breast enhancers

Add a size strapless foam breast enhancers with Braza Bra

Braza bra single use adhesive bra packs

Braza Reveal single use adhesive bust support

Braza petal tops & heart shaped nipple covers

The low down bra strap converter

Flash tape dress hold up tape

Breast Enhancers / bra alternatives

Huge range of Silicone breast enhancers

Comfy Straps silicone shoulder pads to stop digging bra straps

Tara’s Articles

Breast Self Examination

Breast Massage

What’s Going On Up Top?

Nipple Enlargers and enlarging kits

Mustang nipple enlarging kits

Nipple super sucker

Tara’s Article

Pelvic Exercise

Downstairs Department – Pelvic Health

Pelvic Exercise Equipment

Pelvic Toner pelvictoner

Ova Electronic relief for period pain

Mooncup Tampon alternative

MoonCup menstrual cup

Tara’s article on Pelvic Health

Health & Beauty products

Collagen Products

100% Pure Collagen capsules

Collagen & Coral facial moisturiser

Instant Body Bliss anti-cellulite cream

Collagen Anti-aging facemask kit

Instant pedicure

Silk firming Serum

Instant Manicure

Other products

Perfect woman wild yam cream

Tara’s Articles

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Self Examination


Eating Healthily

Pelvic Health

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