Secrets 3 sizes available

Under Cover Secrets silicone breast enhancers and

bra inserts.

A range of High Quality Silicone Breast Enhancers.

Boost by one or more cup sizes in an instant using Secrets bra inserts!

All these products and much, much more, now available from our dedicated website:

To enhance Cleavage, wear Secrets silicone bra inserts with your regular bra size.

To increase your cup size, wear in a bra one-cup size larger.

Large Secrets silicone breast enhancers

Push up and lift the breasts.

Suitable for 32,34,36 inch band sizes / B, C, D, and DD cup sizes. Provides approx. 1 ½ cup of natural looking bust enhancement.

Click here to buy Large Secrets silicone breast enhancers - .150cc.


Colour: clear silicone.

Medium (Regular) Secrets silicone breast enhancers

Push up and lift the breasts.

Smaller version of above, suitable for 32, 34 inch band sizes / A, B and C cups. Provides approx. 1 cup size of natural looking breast enhancement.

The UK’s most loved chicken fillet style bra inserts!

Click here to buy Medium (Regular) Secrets silicone breast enhancers – .100cc.


Colour: clear silicone

Small Secrets silicone breast enhancers

Push up and lift the breasts.

Instant enhancement for 30, 32 inch band sizes / AA and A cups. Provides approx. ½ to 1 cup size of natural looking bust enhancement.

A great range of bra inserts from Undercover.

Click here to buy Small Secrets silicone breast enhancers - .50cc.


Colour: clear Silicone

Add fullness and cleavage to your natural shape instantly, without surgery.

Secrets breast enhancers are made from soft, supple silicone that quickly warms to your body temperature; Secrets are a completely safe and comfortable way to enhance your natural silhouette.

Secrets are anatomically curved and tapered to hug the breast securely, with a unique “shelf” to sit below your natural breast and boost cleavage instantly.

Ideal for AA to DD cups; wear with quality under-wire, push-up or plunge bras for maximum effect.

For Smaller busts (AA to A cup) click here to see Little Secrets full cup silicone breast enhancers.

Do you wear a Wonder Bra?

Cookies, wonderful little silicone shapes available in two styles are a brilliant alternative to the flimsy foam inserts that come with some push-up bras. They can also be used for subtle enhancement placed in a normal bra!

Click here to take a look!!

High quality silicone breast enhancers or bra inserts can be used to great effect to emphasis your natural curves and cleavage!

You may need to experiment with new bras in order to get the best effect depending on whether you wish to boost cleavage or increase overall bust size.

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