Secret Shapers

Secret ShapersFull Cup Silicone breast enhancers.

A fabulous new product giving a great silhouette, ideal for larger cup sizes.

Achieve a contoured sleek bust line by wearing Secret shapers. Recommended for bust sizes ‘B’ to ‘DD’ and can give about a 1-cup size enhancement.

Sometimes it would be nice add boost to the larger bust, but what can be used that will mould to the entire breast and at the same time give support? Secret shapers have been designed with the larger bust in mind, to give boost and support whilst shaping the bust beautifully.

Secret Shapers full cup silicone breast enhancers now available from our dedicated new website:

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Achieve a contoured sleek bust line by wearing Secret Shapers.

Secret Shapers add smoothness and shape. Soft gel and tapered edges mould to your breast and warm to your body temperature. The curved hollow back fits securely over the breast to give a perfect shape. Designed for the larger sizes & ideal for pre and post pregnancy. Secret Shapers can be worn in any bra style.

Secret shapers will give years of service and only require a gentle wash in warm soapy water to maintain them. Take care not to puncture your Secret Shapers with any sharp objects.

Secret Shapers add smoothness and shape to your natural silhouette.

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Secret Shapers breast enhancers / bra inserts are designed for the larger bust to add uplift and improved shape for a sleeker, smoother silhouette

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Secret Cups are ideal for ‘B’ cups upwards, giving natural looking enhancement to the bust. Secret Shapers feel so safe and natural you will want to wear them all the time!

As the breasts fit snugly inside Secret Shapers giving lift and support as well as boost, Secret Shapers will be a great solution for ladies experiencing a little sagging and who want to produce a more pert appearance to the breasts.

*For best results wear Secret Shapers in a quality bra that fits snugly but not too tight. Because Secret Shapers enhance breast size by approximately 1-cup size it may be necessary to experiment with larger bra’s sizes. You may well find that it will not be necessary to change you bra size, it depends on the style of bra and the effect you require.

Tara’s Verdict… A truly fabulous product!

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