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High quality breastfeeding equipment and special needs baby feeders

Everything for successfully breastfeeding your baby or for expressing the breast milk you need to bottle feed your baby

Everything for breastfeeding your baby

Mother & Baby Dep’t now at our NEW website:
A fabulous range of breast-feeding products from Medela of Switzerland…
Breast pumps including the fabulous ‘Medela Harmony - a high grade Manual or hand activated breast pump’, the incrdible ‘Pump In Style’ – a high grade twin breast pump system which includes carry bag and many accessories and the ever popular ‘Medela Mini-Electric’ single and twin breast pumps, plus the amazing Haberman feeder!

The powerful Medela Pump In Style portable Twin expressing system.

The powerful Medela Pump In Style portable Twin expressing system.

Medela Products include; High quality breastpumps which of course have become the No1 Choice for Hospitals all around the globe. These marvellous machines have won awards for their fabulous reliability and features. Medela cleverly developed the special 2-phase system to replicate a babies natural feeding rhythm so that mum can express fast and have the process feel very natural. Well, now you can have this quality for use in your own home!


Natural Herbal Breast Creams.

St Herb breast enhancing cream

All herbal St Herb breast enhancing cream

One of our favourites here is St Herb Breast Cream as is a unique, all-natural formula, which contains a proprietary combination of herbs traditionally known for their ability to naturally balance female hormones and promote breast size and firmness.
St Herb Cream is now available from our NEW website:

Take a look at the natural herbal bust enhancing products now!

Trikini Secrets & Demi Secrets. Great new products added to our extensive Secrets range!
Fantastic new silicone breast enhancers designed for use with Triangle Bikini tops and bras and Half-cup & Balconette bras. Now you can look curvy and confident on the beach, even when swimming!
All Breast Enhancers and adhesive bra products now available from our NEW website:

Clever enhancing bras, Bra inserts and bust enhancers

Fabulous special bust boosting bras designed to enhance form and figure

Fabulous special bust boosting bras designed to enhance form and figure

There are many good quality products which can be used to enhance one’s bustline and or just to boost the cleavage. There are also waterproof silicone enhancers which can be worn inside the bra to boost for a fuller looking bustline whilst swimming or just posing by the pool. Special enhancers  for use with bikini tops and bras. Of course, for regular wear, there are a good range of bra inserts that can be used to add subtle boost to the bustline. Maybe a something a little more dramatic is required, well there are enhancers to suite available right here for your needs. For example, boosting ones assets with a low cut dress or top. You will need to use special enhancers for your balconette bra. Let me see enhancers for use with Balconette bras.

Lingerie accessories – adhesive bras from Braza
A fantastic range of adhesive bras and other lingerie accessories giving an alternative to the conventional bra, now you can wear any fashion you desire without straps and bands spoiling the effect!!
Now available from our NEW website:
Show me all the lingerie accessories!

 Looking for the finest quality lingerie products?

Something special, something very special – How about top quality stockings worn with the most fabulous suspender belts! We believe that stockings are making a serious comeback. As women become more powerful, more confident and demand the finest of lingerie the stocking becomes a must have item again.

What Katie Did deco Suspender Belt and Red Stockings

What Katie Did deco Suspender Belt and Red Stockings

Of course the most incredible stockings require a fabulous suspender system to secure them. See some delightful stockings and take a peek at our brilliant suspender beltss.

We also wanted to bring to your attention the amazing selection of Corsets that are available and all this form the world finest lingerie producers. Models include Underbust, Overbust Vintage and more! Click on the image to see what beautiful lingerie items await you.



 And now for something a little different…

Green, planet friendly low energy, low voltage DC lighting at

OnSolar 12v and 24v DC lighting specially developed for off grid solar and low voltage energy users
OnSolar 12v and 24v DC lighting specially developed for off grid solar and low voltage energy users

Here’s where it gets really interesting (well, for us ‘green freaks’ anyway :-)  One of our passions is harvesting and using green, pure solar energy. We enjoy using some of the energy we make to power our office and other areas of our business complexes. Best of all, we take great delight in putting all profits into further resarch and development of better and better low energy DC lighting products. We now have quite a range of special low energy low voltage lighting products as you will see if you pop over to  our website, go take a look, we are quite proud:  Compact fluorescent and LED lighting products for boating, off grid users, remote and farming projects – you can rely on our lamps to provide the illumination you need!


Some of the items you may click on are not supplied or dispatched by ourselves but by an alternative company or ‘link partner’. Why do we use a link partner? We may guide you to an alternative supplier for some of the items you will see because they may have a bigger and or larger buying power or simply a greater range of items in that particular realms. Besides, we simply can’t stock everything we would like to stock as we would need an enormous facility and dozens more staff ! So what’s in it for us if we guide you to purchase an item from one of our link partners? Well, we may receive a small percentage from the sale as a  ‘thank you’. This will normally be around 5% although some sales may bring little more and some a little less. For example, a sale of £10.00 will result in 0.50p which we will use to towards further research in our development of low energy solar lighting products. Thank you to all those folks who get a great deal and place any orders with us or from us at Tara’s Choice or our special websites; and THANK YOU!

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