Perfect Woman Wild Yam Cream

High Strength WILD YAM CREAM mexican

Not to be confused with the vast majority of low grade products available.

High quality, High strength Wild Yam Cream

Premium grade product.

With so many low-grade products available we had to track down a product that represented the best available, Perfect Woman Yam Cream is just that!

Check the ingredients list and you will see that this product is superb!

Purchase high quality wild yam cream at now! Wild Yam Cream consists of a combined wild yam root extract in a rich moisturising cream for a real soothing experience. The root of the wild yam (also known as Mexican yam) contains a nutrient called diosgenin.

A great product to use to help relieve symptoms of the menopause and for breast massage (Best to alternate usage between various soft areas of the body such as the thighs and tummy).

Wild Yam is a natural progesterone supplementation and is not known to have any side effects.

These wild yam products have not been tested on animals.

High quality wild yam feminising cream

Wild Yam cream 10% and even 20% strength from such low prices

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Each tub contains 2oz / 56g tub

Extract of Wild Yam cream.

A high quality, high strength Mexican wild yam cream

Wild Yam Cream Scam…

It is unfortunate that there have been quite a few people proclaiming Wild Yam cream to be nothing more than a scam product. We guess this is due to the amount of copy cat or low quality products which have come onto the market in recent years (which of course were ineffective). Also, the fact that herbal products in general are not 100% effective for everyone. We do know however, that we have many customers who have found quality yam creams to suite their needs perfectly.

Many women have said they found it to be useful for helping to alleviate PMT, symptoms of the menopause and female hormone imbalance.

Many women are finding the application of wild yam cream to their skin to be a valuable way to alleviate hormonal imbalances and reduce the daily symptoms of menopause or pmt.

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