Pelvic toner

Pelvic Toner – Pelvic Floor Exercise device
An exercise device to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles.
The PelvicToner is a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser (pelvic floor exercise) designed for use in conjunction with Kegel exercises*.

It has been shown that by using Pelvic Toner regularly you can experience a much quicker recovery from any weakness as well as enjoying a quicker strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. Regular use will begin to tighten the pelvic floor muscles after one week.
PelvicToner is easy and enjoyable to use.

*Kegel exercising is the action of flexing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles (much as you would do whilst urinating to stop the flow).
Pelvic floor exercise is essential for maintaining good pelvic muscle control and health. We believe that by using the Pelvic Toner as instructed, muscle tone and control can be vastly improved.
FACT -Regular pelvic floor exercise can help combat feminine leakage and stress incontinence problems.

Pelvic Toner
Manual pelvic floor exercise device


Pelvic Toner
Upgrade spring set

All goods sent in discrete plain packaging
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The Pelvic Toner is useful for combating the following common embarrassing female problems…

1) Stress incontinence, where you may experience an occasional embarrassing ‘leakage’ of urine during the following: coughing, sneezing, lifting, or exercising.

·         Over 200 million women suffer from incontinence worldwide.
·         Research shows that 38% (£3 million) of all menstrual pads sold are used to self treat incontinence.
·         At present there are over 150 operative procedures for stress incontinence.
2) Well-toned pelvic floor muscles can also dramatically improve your sex life! Tightening up the pelvic floor muscles improves the ‘vaginal embrace’ and gives greater sensation to both you and your partner. Any exercise helps develop muscle and improve the blood flow to the area – and when you do that in the pelvic floor muscles the results can be dramatic. Clinical trials have demonstrated that working on this muscle group can be particularly beneficial in the treatment of sexual dysfunction – it increases sensation, helps improve libido and leads to greater and more frequent orgasms.
Most Specialists will advise commencing pelvic floor exercise as soon as possible to combat the onset of weak pelvic floor muscles and potential problems with bladder control.
Further spring sets are available (see above) to upgrade your ‘Pelvic Toner’.
When you are satisfied you can do your exercises with ease you will be ready to upgrade to a further spring set. Extra medical grade springs are available for just £6.50 – see above.
The PelvicToner is very durable and can even be washed in the dishwasher!

During the Autumn of 2001 over 5000 women bought a Pelvic Toner. Many completed a simple user questionnaire that confirmed our faith in this product. Over 80% of those responding said that their symptoms of embarrassing leaks on coughing or performing even minor exercise or movements had ‘improved’ or ‘much improved’ after just one month.
Everyone is now talking about the benefits of Pelvic Toning in the contexts of stress incontinence, female sexual dysfunction and women’s sexual health generally.
In past months articles have appeared in The Daily Mirror,
M Magazine, Prima, Woman, Woman’s Realm, Woman’s Own, and many other UK newspapers/publications.
For most women, weak pelvic floor muscles are the real problem behind an overactive bladder and diminished sexual stimulation. Weak pelvic floor muscles are not normal at any age and may be reversed through simple exercise.
USAGE… Pelvic Toner pelvic floor exercise device is fully adjustable to give different levels of exercise from easy to hard.
It is recommended to use a lubricant before insertion into the vagina – see above. Two 5-minute sessions per day are recommended for optimum results.
SIZE… All women should find PelvicToner perfectly comfortable. The portion that is inserted into the vagina measures approx 10cm(L) X 3cm(W) (4” X 1.1/4”).

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Tara Says…
If you experience the embarrassment of sudden uncontrolled leakage when laughing or lifting something heavy, PelvicToner could be an ideal way of regaining proper muscle control over your bladder.
After childbirth many women find that ‘things’ just aren’t the same in the bedroom department, PelvicToner if used properly and regularly can help strengthen muscles to the point that your vaginal control may be stronger than even before childbirth.


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