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Bra inserts and adhesive bra products now available at our new website: www.boobybits.com

Best products, best prices!

A great range of adhesive and enhancing products and special bras. Now you CAN wear any fashion you desire!

It’s all about solutions!! We stock only the Finest quality special stick on and adhesive bra products.

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Eve’s Dream Bra

Buy Eves Bra from BoobyBits.com!

The Nu Bra self-adhesive silicone bra, reusable over and over.

Gives subtle boost to ones natural shape and is ideal for wearing with strapless, backless dresses and tops that would otherwise be spoilt by the presence of bra straps and bands. Soft and flexible the Nu-Bra feels very natural.

Braza Bra.

Braza Bra products now available from BoobyBits.com

Self-adhesive disposable bras in packs of five, made from very fine breathable material, ideal worn with the most revealing of clothes to give support and control when a conventional bra would spoil the effect.

Braza Bra comes in packs of five and is a disposable product.

Braza Petal Tops Tops

Nipple Covers

Buy Petal Tops at www.BoobyBits.com

Nipple covers, ideal for those occasions when you want to preserve your modesty and go bra less. Wearing Petal Tops can also give you the freedom to enjoy sporty activities as they prevent chafing.

Braza Reveal Bra

Braza reveal now availbe in a new super thin silicone option at www.BoobyBits.com

Feather-light, yet extremely reliable adhesive bras designed to lift & support from the top, offering enough stretch to conform to your individual shape.

Braza’s REVEAL is the world’s first support solution for deep plunge and open-sided fashions.

Braza Reveal comes complete as a pack of 5 adhesive bras and 20 sections of double-sided dress tape – now you know one of the best-kept secrets of the stars!

The Low Down

Low Down Bra Conveter at www.BoobyBits.com

Converts any conventional bra into a low back bra by enabling the rear of the bra to be set 2-3” lower than normal. Complements many low back style dresses.

Comfy Straps

See Comfy straps and more at www.BoobyBits.com

The perfect solution when bra straps are causing shoulder pain and marks!

Just slip them under your bra’s shoulder straps to relieve discomfort from digging bra straps.

Braza Add A Size

Lightweight Breast Enhancers

A great range of lightweight foam bra inserts available at www.BoobyBits.com

Lightweightfull cup foam inserts that fit into any bra to add a cup size to the bustline.

Braza Add A Size Strapless lightweight breast enhancers

Braza Add A Size Strapless adhesive bra is available now at BoobyBits.com!

These full cup enhancers come complete with two pairs of the revolutionary Braza bra to add an entire cup size to the bustline. Because there is no need for a bra you will be able to wear the most revealing of fashions with confidence!

Cover Ups – Re Usable Silicone Nipple Covers

Buy quality Re-usable silicone nipples now at BoobyBits.com

Long awaited re usable nipple covers. High quality and sheer for the perfect silhouette

Flash Tape

Dress Hold-Up tape

Dress hold up tape now with handy dispenser at BoobyBits.com!

Now you can wear the most revealing of clothes! Use Flash tape to keep ‘things’ in place with the skimpiest of fashions.


Fun Adhesive Nipple Covers

Amazing nipple covers for the more daring amongst us at BoobyBits.com

Have you seen Under Cover Secrets?

Click on the image below to see a fabulous range of high quality silicone breast enhancers.

A very comprehensive range of silicone products to boost cleavage and bust size. Covering breast sizes from AA through to DD cups, for enhancement and shaping, boosting and lifting the breasts.

NEW Trikini Secrets ideal to boost cleavage/bust size with Bikini’s also Demi Secrets for wearing with half cup & Balconette style bras.

Click on the picture below to see the full range of silicone enhancers now available at our new website BoobyBits.com

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