Nu-Bra Silicone adhesive bra

The Nu Bra Self-Adhesive Backless, Strapless silicone adhesive Bra.

The original and still the best – Nu-Bra, self-adhesive silicone bra offering invisible support and subtle boost to your natural shape.

The Nu Bra adhesive bra gives you the freedom to wear any style of clothing without the need for straps and bands for total Freedom!

Not only a great adhesive bra, the Nu Bra can actually boost your natural shape by around ½ to 1-cup size as well as boosting cleavage!

Nu-Bra is Brilliant under sheer, backless and other garments that would otherwise be spoilt by the addition of a conventional bra!

Nu Bra is the only self-adhesive bra that creates a backless, strapless look AND enhances cleavage; the silicone pads are joined at the front with a special clip.

The Nu-Bra adhesive silicone bra

* Low price!


Nu bra packaging

Nu-Bra is available in Nude Only in

Cup Sizes A, B, or C

32-38” band sizes

(Order your regular bra cup size)

Nu-Bra Adhesive Bra Features…

· Stick – on bra

· Self adhesive & strapless

· Front closure for cleavage boost and lift

· Soft and natural silicone cups

· Silicone gel bra cups

· Special reusable adhesive backing

· Freedom and comfort

· Seamless

· Invisible under sheer clothing

· Flexibility of movement

· Easy to apply

· Easy to remove

· Self-adhesive cups are washable

Three sizes available: A, B, C cup

Available in three sizes to suit A, B and C cups & band sizes 32-38”.

100% Silicone, and has PSA medically safe adhesive.

Nu-Bra bra features two self adhesive, silicone gel bra cups with a special reusable adhesive backing, plus a front closure to give you freedom and comfort. Great for boosting cleavage, just experiment with positioning to get the desired affact.

Soft and comfortable, once it adheres to your body it feels like a natural part of you.

This is the genuine article, silicone backless bra as originally invented in the USA and supplied by Bragel – please beware the many clone products that are available that do not stick after just a few wears!!

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Gently clean your Nu-Bra with soap and warm water, rinse and then air dry! Once dry, the adhesive will regenerate.

Return and Exchange – For hygiene reasons, all sales are final. We do not accept return or exchange of the Nu Bra.

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