Nipple enhancing

A low cost nipple enhancer and enlarger vacuum pump

Nipple enhancer / enlarger
Vacuum operated nipple enhancing device.
Small nipple enhancer
Use a quality nipple enhancer to assist in making the nipples erect, larger and more sensitive. This high quality, vacuum operated device can give enhancement to the nipples for women and men alike. Supplied with two sets of soft rings which can be used to maintain an erect nipple longer. Squeeze the rubber bulb to expel the air, gently release and the nipple is drawn out and held erect. Regular use can thus increasing size and sensitivity. Ideal for subtle, temporary nipple enhancement or enlargement. For best results Buy two! has rounded up the best deals on nipple enhancers for you, see below…

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Ensure nipples are clean and free from hairs
Using thumb and forefinger gently tease out the nipple until partially erect
Place the cylinder over the nipple and expel air by squeezing rubber bulb
Adjust suction level to a comfortable level by letting more air in or out as necessary.

Do not use if nipples are sore or you are experiencing any discomfort which is out of character for you (consult your GP)
Item can be cleaned by immersing in warm soapy water and using a soft cloth.
It is recommended to use a quality nipple cream or lotion to sooth sensitive nipples when using nipple enhancing equipment
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Nipple Super Sucker Nipple Enhancer

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