Medela Swing Breastpump

Medela Swing™ Breastpump

The Medela Swing single electric breast pump with special 2-Phase pumping system, which closely mimics babies’ natural suckling rhythm – see below.

The NEW Medela Swing breastpump has been designed for mothers who enjoy their baby and their lifestyle – Swing is ideal for pumping at home as well as on the go. The breastpump is small, lightweight and trendy, so you can always take it with you for fast, gentle pumping, where it suits you best. Swing is discrete and stylish – it makes breastfeeding fun!

Swing Features…

· Light AND quiet – powered with mains adapter or batteries for complete portability.

· Gentle & efficient thanks to its natural 2-Phase pumping program – changes automatically or manually from stimulation to Expression.

· The SoftFit™ Breastshield stimulates the breast gently and efficiently.

· Easy to use AND clean.

The fabulous Swing Breast Pump is available from our dedicated breastfeeding goods website:

Medela Swing breast pump

Larger view

Using the new Medela Swing single breastpump with 2 phase expression

Medela swing in use.

Larger view

Medela new 2 phase expression systemWhat is this new 2-Phase technology?

Breast milk is best for baby, and the baby’s natural sucking rhythm is best for mother.

In intensive pioneer work, Medela has converted the baby’s intuitive knowledge into technical know-how. The result is the first 2-Phase Expression pumping feature for breastpumps – the new standard for unsurpassed naturalness, comfort and efficiency.

‘2-Phase’ is an advanced pumping pattern that mimics babies’ nursing rhythms by pumping in two distinct modes; During the 1st ‘Stimulation’ mode, the pump simulates babies’ initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow. The ‘Expression’ mode follows, which simulates babies’ slower suckling. Together, the two modes offer an authentic breastfeeding experience with greater comfort, faster let-down, increased milk flow and reduced pumping time.

Tara says…

Medela makes 2-Phase Expression the standard, a tough act to follow for other breast pump manufacturers! Initially only available with the Medela Hospital grade Symphony breastpump, this innovation is now presented in domestic models such as the new Medela Swing single breast pump.

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