Medela Pump In Style advanced traveller double breast pump

Medela Pump In Style Advanced 2-Phase breast pump
Medela Pump In Style Advanced
is now available from our
dedicated Breastfeeding goods
We believe the Medela Pump In Style Advanced with special 2-phase represents the pinnacle of domestic breast pump technology.
What is 2-Phase?
Babies change the way they suckle at a mother’s breast during breastfeeding. Initially, they suck rapidly to stimulate the milk ejection reflex (MER) and induce milk “let-down”. This phase is referred to as “Stimulation”. Once the milk starts flowing, they settle into a more relaxed suckling speed. This phase is called “Expression”. Medela has been able to closely mimic baby’s natural rhythm with the new 2-phase system.
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Pump In Style Advance Complete twin breast pump kit with carry bag /
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Larger view
Medela breastfeeding equipment is trusted around the world for its quality, reliability & value. Probably the best breast pumps available today, whether you need a manual or an electric breastpump. N.B. Breastpumps are single user items: Once used they cannot be returned except under warranty.
The Medela Pump In Style Advanced with new 2-phase technology represents ‘State of the art’ in home use breast pumps. Near Hospital grade pump quality available for home use.

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