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Medela Breastfeeding Equipment

A comprehensive range of breastpumps & Breastfeeding equipment and accessories from Medela – including the Haberman feeder and best selling Mini-Electric breast pumps – unbeatable Swiss Quality! Our sister website Posh has now taken over sales of breast feeding equipment
High Quality breastfeeding equipment now available from our dedicated breastfeeding goods website: – go straight to our new website or chose a link below…

Medela Breast Pumps:

· Harmony Manual Breast pump

· Mini-Electric breast pump (Single breastpump)

· Mini Electric Plus (Twin breastpump)

· Medela Swing Breastpump

· Pump in Style Advanced with 2-Phase technology.



Haberman Feeder, etc:

· Haberman Feeders

· Haberman Feeder Kits

· SoftCup Advanced Cup Feeder

· Supplemental Nursing System (SNS™)

Medela Accessories:

· Mini-Electric Carry Bag.

· Breastmilk Bottles (set of 3)

· Breastmilk Freezer bags. Pack of 20

· Disposable Bra Pads. Pack of 30.

· Washable Bra Pads. Pack of 4

· PureLan Nipple Cream 37g

· Contact™ Nipple Shields. (Small & Large)

· Breastshells. Pack of 2

· Nipple Formers. Pack of 2.

· Milk Collection Shells. Pack of 2

· Comfort Breastshield.

· PersonalFit Breastshield

· Hand Expression Funnel

· Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam Bags

Medela Spares

· Standard Medela Breastshield

· Replacement valve for Breastshield

· Haberman Feeder Teats

· Haberman Feeder Lid

· Haberman Feeder Valve plate & Membrane

· Mains adaptor for Mini Electric single and twin breastpumps

· Mains Adaptor for the Medela Pump In Style Double Breastpump.

· Replacement tubing (pair) for Medela Pump In Style breastpump

· Supplemental Nursing System replacement tubing

Hire a Hospital Grade Breast Pump

· Hire a Medela Hospital grade Breast Pump (Delivered direct to your door)

WE stock only the very best breastfeeding equipment. After years of looking after our customers needs we know that quality and reliability counts!

We love Tara’s Choice because it’s all here!!

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Medela Mini-Electric Single breastpump


NEW Medela Mini-Electric now available at Posh Mum’s


Medela Cooler carry bag


Great range of accessories including the fabulous Medela Cooler Carry Bag with FREE feed / Milk storage bottles!!



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