Medela Mini Electric Breastpump

Medela Mini Electric single breast pump

Probably one of the most significant breakthrough products breastfeeding, the mini electric single is super efficient and very easy to use. An ideal pump for expressing breast milk for storage and later use.

The Medela Mini-Electric electric breast pump with optimal comfort is ideal for home use or when travelling. The only fully automatic, battery or mains powered pump for single handed use.

· Rhythmic suckling action for excellent milk yield

· Complete with mains adapter.

· The rapid build-up of vacuum permits gentle and effective use.

· The Mini Electric has been rated the best battery SINGLE breast pump by a variety of baby magazines.

· A range of alternative breastshields are available to accommodate larger than average nipples or for expressing with engorged breasts, etc.

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Medela Mini Electric breast pump (Single)

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Medela Mini-Electric – single breastpump

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