Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump

Medela Harmony™ Manual Breastpump

Preferred by 9 out of 10 mums!

A top quality Hand operated manual breast pump.

The Harmony is the first and only manual breast pump featuring the special Medela advanced 2-Phase Expression™ pumping – mimicking the baby’s nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes. Pressing the top or the bottom of the Handle gives the two pumping options.

· Designed for faster let-down and milk flow

· Ergonomic handle for easy pumping

· Massaging SoftFit™ Breastshield for maximum comfort

· Fewer pieces to assemble and clean

· Portable and lightweight

· Ideal for occasional use

· Easy and hygienic in use.

Medela Harmony breastpump in use. Picture copyright Medela Medela Harmony with 2-phase Expression sets new standards in both comfort and efficiency! Turn the handle through 180 deg to select from two different pumping modes

Medela Harmony™ Manual Breast Pump.

Harmony now available at

Larger view

Medela ‘Harmony’ breast pump

2-Phase Expression sets the new standard in both comfort and efficiency!

Medela breastpumps meet the most stringent demands of hygiene.

Parts that come into contact with breast milk can be autoclaved or boiled and are dishwasher-safe.

Medela harmony – probably the best quality manual breast pump available.

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