Medela Haberman Feeder

Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder.

Formerly known as the Haberman Feeder™

Specially developed feeder originally developed for babies with nursing difficulties but now finding favour with ‘Mums’ as a viable alternative to regular feeding bottles where baby is reluctant to take feed. The Haberman feeder is particularly for children with cleft lip/palate. A valve in the teat allows the milk to flow slowly and evenly and prevents the baby from swallowing air. Mum can easily regulate milk quantity and flow due to the unique design.

In cases where babies have severe feeding problems, such as with Down Syndrome, cleft lip/palate, neurological dysfunction, sucking symptoms and others, the Haberman Feeder offers an alternative to spoons, enlarged and/or extra holes in the nipple, and nasogastric tubes. The Haberman Feeder is so effective and easy to use that it can actually change feeding sessions from a difficult or even traumatic experience into a pleasurable activity for the mother and baby. A specially designed valve and teat adjust milk flow to suit baby’s needs.

· A one-way valve prevents flooding and overwhelming the baby.

· If the baby cannot nurse at all, or just needs a little help, the bottle can be squeezed to release a limited volume of milk.

· Supplied with 1 X 150ml Bottle and two teats

Tara says…

Probably the finest baby feeder for mothers and relatives wanting to give Baby mothers milk – allows the user more control over the flow which helps Baby to be more comfortable during and after feeds.

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150ml bottle and two teats

The Haberman Feeder™ is Not intended as a replacement for actual breast feeding and is recommended for use to supply mother’s milk in those circumstances where baby has difficulties (as outlined left) or for those occasions when mother needs a little freedom – where others can feed baby.

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