Medela Contact Nipple Shields

Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields.

Early latch-on problems are not unusual. For most mothers, breastfeeding takes a bit of practice! Most of the time, a little coaching from a skilled helper is all that is needed to get things going.

Medela contact nipple shields now available in three size options at
For temporary use when breastfeeding with sore, cracked or flat nipples. With an open section so that the baby stays in contact with its mother’s familiar scent.

Medela Nipple Shields, worn over the nipple and areola, have a special design that allows an uninterrupted flow of breast milk, while providing a larger surface for the baby to latch on to. Available in two sizes, Nipple Shields offer maximum comfort for mothers whose doctors recommend use of a nipple shield to help with latch-on difficulties. Medela Nipple Shields are individually packed to ensure sterility. Because Nipple Shields may diminish the stimulation needed to sustain lactation, they should be used only with the supervision of a professional.

· Available in 2 sizes: Sizes: Small = 16 mm. Large = 24 mm.

· Most women will require Small, as this is suitable for ‘average sizes’.

· The size is measured in ‘mm’ across the nipple (not areola).

· NOW includes a hygienic carry case

Available in


(NEW) Medium and Large sizes to suite all mums

Now available at!

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Contact nipple shields

Contact Nipple Shields – Helping baby to latch on

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