Instant Manicure

Proto-Col Instant Manicure
Instant Manicure from On-Beauty
Create super smooth hands in just 60 seconds.
As used by Ground Force’s Charlie Dimmock.

Creating beautiful hands doesn’t have to be hard work. You’re just 60 seconds away from super smooth hands with this fabulous and unique blend of Dead Sea salts and luxurious essential oils. This quick fix offers long-lasting results as your hands are exfoliated and moisturised in one easy step. So for sensational skin in just 60 seconds, look no further than the instant manicure. The pot contains 80+ applications. The instant manicure is a natural product and contains the highest quality essential oils.

Grapeseed oil – A skin-saving antioxidant
Walnut – With essential fatty acids to nourish
Avocado – Rich in antioxidant vitamin E to hydrate dry skins
Orange – Soothes, brightens and restores
Rosemary – Invigorating, toning and skin-soothing
Peppermint – Cooling, refreshing and invigorating
Dead Sea Salts – With 10 times mineral salt content than salt water for healing and soothing effect on the skin

Each giant sized 250ml foil-sealed pot of Instant manicure contains up to 80 applications.

*** Lowest Price in the UK ***
I X 250ml Instant Manicure
Just £14.95!!
Whilst Stocks last!!
*** Lowest Price in the UK ***
2 X 250ml Instant Manicure
Just £28.00!!
Another amazing bargain from Tara’s Choice – whilst stocks last!!

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Not just moisturising, Instant Manicure is pure luxury for your hands!
Quick and easy to apply, Instant manicure works swiftly to sooth and nourish the hands.  With famous users such as Charlie Dimmock (the gardening expert from TV’s Ground Force) endorsing this product it has to be a winner!
Enough for up to 80 treatments represents fabulous value!

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