Flash tape

Flash Tape
HypoallergenicHold–uptapefor those revealing little numbers!

Simply cut the tape into the required lengths and apply to the appropriate areas of your body, unpeel the outer backing layer and position the garment over the tape, that’s it as done!
N.B. Skin must be clean and free of any oily skin conditioners, etc.

1 Roll of Flash Tape on a 5 Meter roll
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Another secret of the stars out of the bag!

Each pack contains a 5-meter roll of adhesive clothing tape.
Colour: Transparent
Some dresses need a little help from ‘Flash tape’ in order that one does not become over revealed!
The more dangerously revealing your little black number is the more you will need some secret security from Flash Tape.

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Wonderful Flash Tape…
1.      Holds clothing right where you want it
2.      Is hypoallergenic and non-toxic
3.      Transparent, wont spoil the look.
4.      A full 5 meter roll
5.      You can wear the most revealing of clothes and still preserve your modesty

Do not use this product if you have the following conditions:
Over sensitive skin
Open cuts
Other skin conditions or skin allergies that require medication or may be sensitive to the application of Flash Tape (adhesive tape).

Tried Flash Tape?
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