by Tara on March 20, 2012

A little exercise is great! As well as helping your physique, regular exercising will give you more energy, improved sleep and generally help your circulation and digestion.


There is no need to go overboard with strenuous exercise activities! Keeping active and mobile is advised; why not try swimming, cycling or even regular walks? Maybe dancing could be your thing, especially with a friend. There really is no need to get too strenuous, start off gently and increase when or if you feel you can.

Often a hectic or stressful working life will mean we simply want to slump on the sofa with a takeaway once we are back in the safe haven of our homes. OK, from time to time we all feel like this but getting up and getting active will pay in the long run if you want to keep or stay fit and healthy.

Inactivity leads to more tiredness and lack of motivation; this can even affect your health with digestion problems and / or constipation.


It’s not just about trying to lose a few pounds! Go get fit…Remember, being fit and healthy doesn’t mean hours in the gym every day – keeping active and mobile is fine!

Always visit your doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine just to check you are up to it.

Tara’s Tip:If you have children of school ages why not take an interest in their health and fitness routines? You could learn some simple activities to do at home – possibly with the children, you will all be able to keep fit and have fun together.

Get fit – walk the dog!

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