Cover Ups Silicone Adhesive Nipple Covers

Cover Ups Silicone Adhesive Nipple Covers.

Cover-Ups reusable silicone adhesive nipple covers are a fabulous new product designed to eliminate Cover ups nipple coversnipple definition through sheer garments. They discretely hide nipples, even without a bra!

Easy to use, reusable nipple covers mould to the breast and their skin friendly adhesive makes them comfortable to wear and simple to remove.

Re-usable storage case included.

Colour: Nude


Cover Ups reusable silicone

Adhesive Nipple Covers

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Cover ups nipple covers from Trulife

Stop nipple poke through; achieve a smooth looking bust line with

NEW Trulife Undercover Cover Ups. Re usable silicone adhesive nipple covers.

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