Cookie Breast Enhancers

Cookie breast enhancers or ‘bra inserts’ are great for use in your Push-Up bra for a little extra boost!

Cookies offer subtle enhancement at very low cost.

An ideal replacement for the inserts in your push up bra. Can be use for subtle enhancement placed in your normal bra.

This versatile product can be positioned in various sections of the bra whether it is an under-wire, push-up or plunge bra.

The curved and soft silicone enhancer will blend to your body and complement your natural silhouette.

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Cookies are great when worn in a

push-up bra as a replacement for the flimsy foam pads often supplied.

cookie diamonds

Diamond shape. Cookies

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cookie segments

Segment Shape Cookies.

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These little enhancers offer about a half a cup of boost.

Because you can position the Cookies underneath or to the side of the breast you can (with experimentation) get a different look according to the type of clothes you want to wear.

Avoid wearing with soft-cup or NON under-wired bras, as they will not hold the enhancers firmly against your bust and you will not get the proper effect.

There is no need to increase bra size to accommodate Cookie enhancers.

*Do not wear silicone breast enhancers in a baggy or clapped out old bra – it will look awful!

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