Comfy straps

Comfy Straps

Relief from shoulder slicing bra straps.

£5.25 for a pair

Wear Comfy Straps under your bra shoulder straps to prevent strap slippage and ease shoulder discomfort.  Designed to relieve pressure and improve bra support, especially for larger sizes.
Discreet under clothing and user-friendly, with no sewing required. Made from medical-grade silicone. One size fits all bras.

Put your bra on and adjust for a comfortable fit then simply place your bras shoulder straps inside the Comfy Straps for instant comfort.

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Tara Says…
These little beauties really work!
Anything that is kind to the lymph system has got to be good news.
One of the problems with a lot of the fancy designer type bras is that they have thin shoulder straps. After a few hours the shoulder straps can start to cut into the shoulder causing discomfort. Comfy straps have been designed to disperse the weight evenly over a larger area of the shoulder.
Particularly helpful for larger cup sizes.

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