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The following information will help overcome potential problems whilst shopping at Tara’s Choice.
We hope you will agree that it is a simple and enjoyable experience to shop with us. If you encounter any problems that prevent you from viewing our site properly or that prevent you from making a purchase please let us know and we will do our best to fix the problem.
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We hope the following information will benefit those who may experience any difficulties whilst using our website.

1) In order for Tara’s Choice to be viewed properly the user will require Internet Explorer 5 or above or Netscape 6 and above. 2) In order to see any of the pop-ups (to view larger pictures of our products) the user must set their computer to allow popup windows (pop-ups).

2) Also, for the shopping basket system to be operative the user must additionally check that their computer has ‘cookies’ enabled. If the above are not set correctly the viewer may not be able to buy on-line or view larger product pictures.
These setting apply to the vast majority of websites, so if the user is having any difficulty with Tara’s Choice it will follow that other sites visited will be similarly effected.
Important: Enabling the above settings does not mean we can or would gather information about you or the contents of your computer, these settings are basic and merely allow the full operation of the facilities as outlined. Shopping at Tara’s Choice is by secure server, which means that nobody can gather any of your order information or steal your C Card details whilst on-line
If you prefer to order by Post, please check our Terms & Conditions page using the link below.
Terms and Conditions
Please make Cheques payable to: Tara’s Choice Limited Send your completed order form to us at: Tara’s Choice 26 Great Hinton Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 6BY (ENGLAND)
Take a look at the secure online order process…
The following is a quick tour and will take you through a typical online purchase at Tara’s Choice.
1) Select the product page that is of interest.
2) Select the product you require then Click on the or button to arrive at the following new page…
3) If you want to change the quantity do so now. Then click on view basket, which will take you to the following new page…
4) If you are happy that you have the right product and the right quantity click on ‘go to checkout’, which will take you to the following new page…
5) Enter all details taking care to ensure correct spelling of home and delivery address, e-mail address and card details. If you have omitted any information at this point you will be prompted to check the form again. If you are happy that all is correct please press next at the bottom of the page to send your order. You will also be able to input any offer code on this page to claim a discount. You will then see your Internet order receipt, which you can now print out.
All details of your order will appear on this form for your records….
As can be seen by the ‘Thwart certificate’ on every page, your online purchasing transaction is safe and secure at Tara’s Choice.

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