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Tara says

Tara Says…

I just wanted to give you a quick overview of how our website works

The following information will help overcome potential problems whilst surfing around at Tara’s Choice. We hope you will agree that it is a simple and enjoyable experience to look and navigate around our website. If you encounter any problems that prevent you from viewing our site properly or that prevent you from making a purchase either with us or our link partners, please let us know and we will do our best to fix the problem: Report any website problems to us via email

We hope the following information will benefit those who may experience any difficulties whilst using our website.

1) In order for Tara’s Choice to be viewed properly the user will require Internet Explorer 5 or above or Netscape 6 and above.
2) In order to see any of the pop-ups (to view larger pictures of our products) the user must set their computer to allow popup windows (pop-ups).
2) Also, for the shopping basket system to be operative the user must additionally check that their computer has ‘cookies’ enabled.

If the above are not set correctly the viewer may not be able to buy on-line or view larger product pictures. We do not monitor or collect information about you other than what is necesary for you to be able to click around our websites in such a manner that makes veiwing quick and easy – that is the function of the cookies.

These setting apply to the vast majority of websites, so if the user is having any difficulty with Tara’s Choice it will follow that other sites visited will be similarly effected.

Important: Enabling the above settings does not mean we can or would gather information about you or the contents of your computer, these settings are basic and merely allow the full operation of the facilities as outlined.

Some of the items you may click on are not supplied or dispatched by ourselves but by an alternative company or ‘link partner’. Why do we use a link partner? We may guide you to an alternative supplier for some of the items you will see because they may have a bigger and or larger buying power or simply a greater range of items in that particular realms. Besides, we simply can’t stock everything we would like to stock as we would need an enormous facility and dozens more staff ! So what’s in it for us if we guide you to purchase an item from one of our link partners? Well, we may receive a small percentage from the sale as a  ’thank you’. This will normally be around 5% although some sales may bring little more and some a little less. For example, a sale of £10.00 will result in 0.50p which we will use to towards further research in our development of low energy solar lighting products. Thank you to all those folks who get a great deal and place any orders with us or from us at Tara’s Choice or our special websites; PoshMums.com and BoobyBits.com. THANK YOU!

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