Breast Massage

Breast Massage for breast health and lymph drainage.

Almost any gentle massage technique will be of benefit to help maintain healthy breasts. You do not have to be an expert to do this.

Why should I do breast massage?

Modern life means our bodies endure all manner of unnatural processes from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and the environment we live in. It is believed that the breasts can store much of the chemical nasties within their fatty tissues and because the breasts are (in most cases) constrained within a bra for many hours a day, the body has no way of flushing out these toxins.

It is known that the breasts can store quite high levels of toxins from our environment. Studies of human breast milk have shown a quite alarming tendency for traces of household cleaning products to be present for example. It is believed that there could be a connection with the onset of breast disease from these toxins.

The purpose of breast massage is to help flush out these toxins via the lymphatic system, and help bring nutrients to the tissues.

So, what is this Lymph System malarkey all about then?

The breasts (neck and shoulders) have a special system which runs additional to our blood circulatory system called the upper lymph system. It is basically there to remove all those unwanted nasties from the upper body. Unlike our blood however, there is no ‘heart’ to pump this special Lymph Fluid around. That sounds a bit daft I hear you say! Well, this ‘system’ was designed for our bodies way before we started wearing tight and restricting clothing such as bra’s so all it needed to function correctly is our bodies free and unrestricted movement. In other words, during a typical day the breasts are supposed to be able to move – just like your head arms, shoulders, etc! The lines that are often seen after removing the bra are virtual proof that the breasts have not been able to move and that the Lymph System has not been able to function correctly.

Breast massage for breast health

How should I do breast massage?

Similar to Breast Self Examination; allow yourself some private, quiet time and make yourself comfortable…

You may find it easier if you have a pillow under the head and shoulder area. Taking just 5 minutes for each breast and using the flat of your fingers and thumb work in a slow ‘smoothing action’, applying light to moderate pressure from the lower area of the breast working gradually up into the armpit, shoulder and collar bone / neck area. Do only what feels comfortable and right for you or your partner. Using a little light natural oil or talcum powder may be more comfortable.

Tara’s choice Says:

If you partner would like to be involved, maybe you could try some ‘all-over’ body massage together: Very relaxing and a great way to remove the stresses (and toxins) of the day!

Finding the time to do this even once a month can improve your Lymph systems circulation and help build a stronger bond with your partner.

Suitable for couples of all ages – enjoy!

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