Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery is growing in popularity; indeed government figures state that 10,000 women currently have Augmentation surgery annually in the UK.

The procedure typically costing between £3,00 and £5,000.

I agree that augmentation surgery will be an option for many women and that the results are normally very good, but I often wonder if all the facts have been carefully considered before taking this ‘life changing’ option. I find it a little disturbing that so many women opt to go under the knife so readily. Apart from obvious things like risk of infection, capsular contraction, rejection and scaring, one thing I personally find disturbing is that implants do have a limited life expectancy and will need to be replaced, even though this may not be for 10 or 20 years. This replacement procedure will not be done for free and of course, will involve further surgery as well as great cost at a time when ones bodily and financial health may have changed.

It would surely be wise to try a more risk free and very much cheaper alternative first! If after giving the Herbal method a fair trial you have found that you did not get the result you desired, then Augmentation Surgery could still be an option to look into.

Most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are looking to increase by one to two cup sizes; many women are reporting these sorts of gains using an herbal alternative. Some ladies I have spoken to do not want to wait for herbal results when they can just have a boob job and get the bust size they want instantly. This is a great shame, I think most women who stop for a moment to consider the financial savings, would rather wait a few weeks or months and save possibly several thousand £’s let alone the other aspects as I have discussed above.

The photo (below) shows rippling with smooth round saline breast implants. These ripples are usually only visible when the body is an awkward position, particularly when bending over forward. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent rippling. However, silicone filled implants ripple much less than saline ones.

Get all the facts before you jump in the deep end with life changing augmentation surgery. The above information is from the most comprehensive resource we know of regarding breast implant surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, please visit the UK Government’s resource at… (download a PDF file)

My message is simple – never rush into any type of cosmetic surgery until you have done the research and fully understand everything, it’s not something you can turn the clock back on once you have undergone the procedure. Even if you the implants are removed you will be left with scars that will never 100% fade.

Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement.

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