Braza Petal Tops Fabric Nipple Covers

Stop nipple show with Braza petal tops nipple covers

Braza Petal Tops fabric Nipple Covers

Nipple covers, for that sheer look when not wearing a bra.

For the smoothest, most discrete look under sheer or clingy fabrics. Braza Petal Tops fabric nipple covers mould to the breast shape and feature non-sensitising adhesive with a soft, absorbent centre.

A favourite also for topless tanning and chafing protection during exercise.

Braza Petal Tops NOW available from our new website:

Single use Braza Petal Tops adhesive nipple covers

Petal tops are perfect when you want a smooth look with no poke through. With or without a bra, you can wear Braza Petal Tops with any of your favourite halter, tank strappy or tube tops, sweaters or any other kind of figure hugging clothing.

Braza Petal Tops are waterproof so you can wear them with Swim, Aerobic, and other sports clothing to preserve modesty as well as prevent chafing of the nipples during vigorous activities.

Topless Bathing? Petal Tops will prevent your nipples from getting too much sun and have now become a popular accessory for those who require a nice ‘all over tan’ but don’t want to risk upsetting anyone in the process.

If you like to go bra-less these products will prevent nipple chafing when jogging, etc.

Each pack of Braza Petal Tops contains 5 pairs of fabric nipple covers.

How do I stop nipple poke through?

There are a multitude of great products now available to help prevent visible nipple definition through tight and revealing clothing.

For a simple solution, Braza Petal Tops are hard to beat.

If a longer lasting solution is required, we would recommend the Eve’s Mini Bra / Nipple covers. This is a silicone product supplied with a non allergic, skin friendly adhesive backing which can be used repeatedly.

If you are a fan of going bra less but also enjoy sporty activities, Petal Tops fabric nipple covers are just the thing! They will prevent friction and stop chafing as well as preserving modesty for those who don’t like rampant nipples causing distraction or unwanted attention.

A brilliant little innovation and such great value.

Always keep some in your lingerie drawer!

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