Braza Bra

Braza Bra
Single use Adhesive Bras
Braza Bra is a fantastic option for women who want control and support without the visibility and restriction imposed by a regular bra. An ideal choice when wearing sexy, slinky and revealing outfits.

Available for cup sizes A B C & D
Colour: Beige
Material: 100% Rayon

Pack quantity: 5 pairs per pack.
The leading Adhesive Bra for millions of women worldwide for over 18 years.

Braza Bra covers the nipples for a discrete look, but if so desired Braza Bra can be cut before applying so that the nipples are not covered.
1 X 5 pack of Braza Bra in sizes A, B, C, D & DD

2 X 5 pack of Braza Bra in sizes A, B, C, D & DD
SAVE £1.00!

4 X 5 pack of Braza Bra in sizes A, B, C, D & DD
SAVE £4.00!!

Light, airy, comfortable water-resistant, and absolutely reliable.
The exclusive lace-like material breathes and moulds to your individual shape. Unlike similar products, it has air holes – keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather.

Since it’s waterproof, you can even wear it whilst swimming.
Look at some of the wearing suggestions below!

For Swim

Deep Plunge


Please check the guide below to ensure you purchase the most comfortable and appropriate fit.

N.B. You can Trim Braza Bra with regular Scissors to get the custom fit you desire.

Afor 32A 34A & 32B
Bfor 36A 38A 34B 36B & 32C
Cfor 38B 34C 36C & 32D
Dfor 38C 34D & 36D
DDfor 36DD 38D 38DD

Tried Braza Bra?
Tell us what you thought:

Wow, so simple and such great value – what a brilliant idea!!
Using Braza Bra for the first time can be a little tricky but one soon gets the knack of applying them.
Available in popular sizes the Braza Bra gives a comfortable option for those occations when a regular bra would spoil the look of a particular dress style, especially revealing evening wear, just buy your regular bra size in the Braza for a perfect fit (See size guide below).
Before applying make sure the skin is clean and dry (free from perspiration) and free of any oily skin conditioners, etc. Take a couple of minutes to ensure you have placed them in the right position and away you go!
Braza Bra is safe to use with even the most sensitive of skin types and further more they are easy to remove, so there is no ‘Ouch factor’!

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