Braza Add A Size Strapless

Braza Add A Size Strapless foam Breast Enhancers
Lightweight full cup foam breast enhancers & Braza Bra.
These full cup enhancers come complete with two pairs of the revolutionary Braza bra to add an entire cup size to the bustline. Because there is no need for a bra you will be able to wear the most revealing of fashions with confidence!

Product details:
·         Size: One Size
·         Colour: Beige
·         Material: Polyurethane foam

Two pair of adhesive bras included with a set of foam pads.

You may want to experiment with different bra styles depending on the look you require.

Hop over to our sister site to purchase Braza Bra strapless in 1 Pair Braza 2 Pairs Braza ‘Add a Size Strapless’ money saving options.

The winning combination of Add a Size pads plus the fabulous Braza Bra.

Tried Add A Size Strapless?
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