Braza Add A Size lightweight foam enhancers

Braza Add A Size Lightweight Foam Breast Enhancers
Braza Add A Size are lightweightfull cup inserts that fit into any regular bra to add around one cup size to the bustline.

Add A Size breast enhancers are a great alternative to heavier silicone enhancers when an increase in breast size is required without adding weight to the bra.

Use ‘Add A Size’ to create the perfect cleavage
·         Size: One Size
·         Colour: Beige
·         Material: Polyurethane foam
·         Weight: Lightweight
You may want to experiment with different bra styles depending on the look you require.
Braza ‘Add a Size’ enhancers supplied as 1 Pair

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The only lightweight option in breast enhancers or bra inserts made from foam
Great alternative to the heavier silicone breast enhancers

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