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Lingerie information and advice website is asking women to donate old and unwanted bras to their Bra Appeal. The bras will then be distributed to various charities in the UK and overseas.

Everyone has bras that they no longer use in their lingerie drawer, often in good or as new condition. If you have nice clean usable bras that no longer fit you, why not donate them to a worthy cause?

To see more please visit: Breast Talk Bra Appeal

There are many women across the world who due to poverty, isolation, etc, don’t have a bra or who have made do with poor fitting or clapped out bra for years. They may be homeless in the UK or living in a country where the price of a bra is more than a meal for their family. The Bra Appeal is trying to help these women by collecting and distributing your unwanted bras to charities in the UK and abroad.

Owner of, Carol Lello says “The idea for a Bra Appeal came about after a few people contacted me asking if there was anything we can do with old or unwanted bras instead of just throwing them away. I contacted a few charities and found out they could be used. A UK homeless charity told me that they tried to squeeze a well endowed young women into a training bra and it wasn’t ideal. With the Bra Appeal I hope to be able to help many women like this who don’t have a bra or are wearing the wrong size bra.”

How to donate to the Bra Appeal

· Please post all bras to the address below in a small Jiffy type bag or box.

· Please wash all bras before you post them.

· Check the straps and clasps are in working order and there are no rips or tears in the material.

· Please attach a small piece of paper to each bra with the size. Use a paper clip and attach to one of the straps.

· If you are sending new bras please let us know they are new.

· Post your Bras to: – Bra Appeal

PO Box 71

Sorry, will be unable to cover your postal costs, but rest assured you will be helping a great cause! Go on donate those old bras now!!

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